Swag Merci--Week 59

 This week was really busy. It was a good week, but it was long. That being said, I couldn't tell you what I did. I just forget. I need to get back up to date on my journal, honestly. I think that would help.

We lost M and E as fixed baptisms, I would say. They found this random, no-religion dude who had a bunch of conspiracy theories about the Bible and they apparently thought that was just too true; even after all the months and months of missionaries visiting them, growing up with parents in the church, the Lord blessing them in so many ways since they've started retaking the missionary lessons, and the likes. It honestly made me think of a bunch of conference talks, but above all one line; "Cast not away therefore your confidence." Why on Earth would you leave the joy of this gospel for the dragon on the flag of the country of Wales being the dragon in the book of Revelation? *shakes head*

We did fix a brand new baptism though, and that guy is golden! He's been seriously prepared to meet us. He was praying to be put on the right path of the Lord and then we showed up. It was super cool.

Each night we party a bit; my son and the zone leaders and I. Elder Ford's family recently sent him some big bags of M&M's, and we listen to music and play cards some nights if we have the time after all the planning and other stuff we have to do at night. It makes me happy. It feels like being in a family sometimes.

This conference was pretty nuts, honestly. Got to see this one in English (so much yes). The talks that come back to me the most just right off the top of my head are honestly the ones from President Monson and Elder Nelson. I mean, after Nelson's power punch last conference about the price of priesthood power and the one from a couple conferences ago about the sabbath being a delight, he's just owning the world right now; especially with this talk. The new perspective he gave us on joy was super powerful for me, and I really feel as though there's something we can all learn from that. Also, in what might be some of the last testimonies of President Monson's ministry, when words are precious, what does he speak about?

The Word of Wisdom.

Did NOT see that one coming. And then his talk on the Plan of Salvation just struck me super hard that morning. I add my testimony to his.

"[The Plan of Salvation] is the only way to be truly happy in this life and in the next."

I leave you with this simple testimony in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

-Elder Harrah


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