Faatamaara'a Mercy--Week 60

(I swear this is the last title that's a Kanye reference. Most inappropriate mission-joke ever)

This week was an adventure. Elder Lloyd (who was one of the people we shipped off for transfers a couple weeks ago and one of Elder Davis's bros) has fallen desperately ill. We're still not 100% sure what's wrong with him.  He was in the hospital and had to go through 4 spinal taps!  FOUR!  I felt so bad for the guy.  They were not able to get it in the first 2 times.  

Anyhow, he's not doing to well, and they were kind of keeping him in the hospital as a prisoner, so we got him out of there as soon as possible ("we" meaning President and Soeur Bize (who were absolutely livid)), and this last week he's been living at our house (as Elder Hanson is basically already a doctor (thanks college) and because he knew Lloyd super well. Also we're here in the city, so yeah). My companion fell ill for a couple days too, so I went with Ford and Hanson for a couple days to try and work in both of our sectors. Everybody's numbers suffered. I broke my standards streak. Honestly it felt good though. It can be super stressful to live up to that standard, so it was really nice to just help other missionaries this week. I helped Lloyd, the zone leaders, and we had like 5 temple lessons. It's a lot more fun to just do benevolent service as a missionary and not worry about my own numbers. I like it.

We had the Conseil des Dirigeants ("leaders council", I guess? It's really just called the conseil des dirigeants...), starring yours truly. I literally have my own separate time each month where I get to go up in front of President and all the leaders ever and talk about MY visitors center and my plan for it! It was way fun. I pitched my splash trailer/intro video that I want to shoot, and I got President's approval to use Soeur Bize's DSLR! I'll get to shoot with a real camera! I mean, I'm still currently with the magic of Windows Movie Maker 2.6, but hey, piracy exists too, right? (okay I'm not funny. I'm the worst missionary ever...)

The only picture I have today (here at the wonderful geneaology center) is our one from the conseil des dirigeants, as it is in digital form. I will have to send others throughout the week, but for now, this is what I've got for you guys, and honestly it's the best one. I'm actually rather proud of this picture. We all look like studs. Also, 7 of the original 22 from my MTC promotion are now leaders. Super proud.

Going to start going nuts on temple vids.  Hope everybody has a good week.

Elder Harrah

NOTE FROM TYS MOM:  I was not able to download the picture Elder Harrah sent this week.  I will have him resend it next time.  Sorry!  In the meantime, here is a picture to hold us over.  Its one of my personal favorites from way back...


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