Life Continues--Week 62

A bunch of missionaries went home last Monday. Elledge is officially gone. Lloyd as well. I really hope he gets better soon. We still don't know what he's got. Elder Darguence (zone leader from my first zone) is gone now too. So weird.

We've been pretty busy. Had lots of lessons this week, and met some seriously weird people. Last week there was this 80+ year old Italian dude that spoke a lot of languages and had run away from home at 15, and this week was this wife-beater-wearing less active that wanted to take a picture with us after we shared Alma 32:42 with him. It was quite a nice and odd experience.

Had another string of new missionaries come in, so we've had multiple nights of sleeping after 10:30. We be breaking all the rules.

Our ward had a party to sendoff the old stake president, which PRESIDENT and SOEUR BIZE decided to show up to just randomly. It was rather intimidating. And then don't worry, it was Elder Heckmann's birthday, and he literally jinxed himself when he said, 'Well, Bize didn't sing to me.' Bize just commanded the host lady at random to have everyone sing happy birthday to him. the resulting video is really something to behold. I'll try and send it through the Google Drive. I may or may not have sang in Marquisian.

Then on Saturday I had to drive to the other side of the island with the banner from the visitors center and give my presentation to my biggest crowd yet at a stake activity. Elder Hanson and I certainly enjoyed the road trip. And then the same day we had a baptism! Djulia-Ly is now a member of the church. Her grandpa (the powerhouse who works at the temple) baptized her and it was awesome.

That's about it for the highlights of this week. Hope everybody's doing well!

Elder Harrah

Note from Ty's mom:  I was Googling for a photo to put on the blog since Elder Harrah's photos haven't come through this week and I found this photo on someone else's blog with him in it!  I was giddy. :)


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