A New Companion- Week 38

Ka oha nui everyone from the Marquesas - the land where I Skyped yesterday, and as a result don't have a lot of anything else to say.

This week was really mellow apart from a new companion. But that's been super awesome thus far! Within like the first day, Elder Davis and I had already landed two member lessons and potentially a new member reference! They just fell out of the sky man. I don't know how it happened. I'm convinced he's good luck, and can't wait for what we're going to do out here. My goal right now is to finally get the Standard of Excellence out here, and to land two more baptisms before I get transferred.

Hoping everyone is well (and that I'll have a bit more exciting news next week),

Elder Harrah

-this is a Slovakian filmmaker dude that Abbate and I met and taught. He was more of a meditation guy, but he was chill to talk with. We saw him again and he was like, tearing around on his bike, tripod in hand trying to film the crazy waves we had for his art film. It was like a flash of me from the past
-Elder Davis
-I got conjunctivitis, but I cured it in like five seconds with - who'd have ever thought? - breast milk. Here are the nasty pictures


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