Yesterday was Mother's Day and we got to Skype for a while with Elder Harrah.  It was just about the best thing ever.  There were very few technical difficulties and we could see him very clearly this time.  He was at a member's home and we got to see a couple of gimpses of that family.  As he was talking, a gecko ran by on the ceiling behind him,  (I was worried it was a huge spider!) and we could hear roosters crowing in the background.  We also got to wave to his new companion, Elder Davis, who he has been with for just 3 days.  I am excited for the two of them to get to work.  Ty mentioned that he hopes to get 2 more baptisms while is is there, so keep him in your prayers!  Here are a couple of clips for you all to enjoy!

(sorry the tail end of that video is just background conversation, but I didn't know how to edit it out! Haha!)

A big thank you to the family who let us use their home to talk to Elder Harrah.  And another big thank you to everyone who feeds him each week and treats him like family.  I will forever be thankful for you.

Amy Harrah (AKA Elder Harrah's mom)


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