The Richest Third-World Country I've Ever Been To-- Week 41

Ka oha nui everyone from The Marquesas - the land that the church considers
a third-world country (that's why we don't have iPads), and yet basically
everybody has a car.

This week was pretty chill. Things are really a bit the same. We're still just living
 large and trying to do some form of missionary work out here. Literally all the
people I talked about in last week's email didn't work out, so this week we'll be
trying again with them.

But in it's place we've had some pretty fun stuff happen this week.

We were chilling at this restaurant (that's actually a lady's house), and then friggin
everybody showed up. We played guitar and everything.

It was Pareo Day! (no lie May 27 is a legit holiday here for the pareo (if you saw that
Rai & Mana video from a couple weeks ago you know what it is). People will just
 wear them to work and everything), so I took a picture with one.

It was also Mother's Day on the 29th (that's when it is in France), and we did a cool
 family home evening for that Sunday night. Also there was a wig there...

This one investigator we talked to actually invited us to his soccer game, so we went
 to that, and that was cool.

Also, do you eat raw fish? Even if you do, do you eat raw fish like this? Literally the
only thing they did for us was kill the fish. That was the rawest fish I've ever had.

And we went on a hike! That mountain was rather steep.

That's all for this week!
Elder Harrah


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