....but why?--Week 74

So I actually was getting transferred! Surprise! As I explained a bit in my last email, this transfer was absolutely huge. Every zone leader changed, nearly every companionship changed. Myself included. Some transfers this time around really just had me scratching my head. And that's not even to comment on the quality of these transfers, I was just left wondering, ''... (title of this email).''

So transfers are going down, I miss the first boat going out to Moorea (chess in a McDonald's was more important apparently), and then I almost missed the second one (why we all felt that like 20 missionaries needed to convene in the same 2 square-foot driveway of the 'airport house' at Faa'a (where I stayed in the night before I left for the Marquises) was truly beyond me). We rolled up to the docks and the boat was like taking off just about. I ran up, bought my ticket at lightning speed, and Elder Heiata (guy that drove my luggage and I to the docks) looks and me and goes, ''Just get on the boat! We'll send your stuff later!'' And then I quite cinematically jumped onto the boat with nothing but the clothes on my back and my scriptures. I felt like a pretty serious baller. Then after a very pleasant boat-ride over, I was greeted by none other than Elder Davis. And goodness was it awesome to be around him again. That first day was a party from the get-go. And it's only gotten better today. I love it here. Moorea is pretty gnarly. I didn't realize how much of an effect the city had on me until I came out here. I feel like I'm actually in Tahiti again. And what's more, it's really nice to just be able to focus on a ward and not have to multi-task as district leader and temple president and all. I'm really excited to blow up this sector and to make good stuff happen.

And being the big fish in this pond of six missionaries, and being the only one with a car is quite pleasing, I must say >:)

-Elder Harrah

-goodbye stuff

-Welcome to Jurassic Park

From earlier this week:

-best formation on this Earth
-a birthday party

From Ty's Mom:

Fun facts about Moorea:
Mo'orea means 'yellow lizard'.  It is located 11 miles to the north west of Tahiti, and the island is only 10 miles in width from west to east!


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