Happy New Year!--Week 72

Hello everyone!

I hope everybody had a fun time partying and that everybody's excited for the new year.

After our awesome Christmas party, our house didn't really do much for New Years. Elder Reese is still feeling sick, so we all just kind of went to bed. We did make crepes though.

This week was tremendously uneventful, as my son and I spent a lot of time at the mission office working on the movie some more (we bought the software on a computer that actually belonged to the mission, but it changed the lighting on my movie and I had to re-color correct my whole movie over again), and I had to get it approved by President Bize, so that's why I didn't send it this last week. I got approval just last night though, and he invited me to show it at the office this Tuesday, and then we'll show it at the Conseil des Dirigeants this Thursday.

Speaking of which, I'm super excited for the Conseil des Dirigeants this week. We've got so many new leaders, and we'll be planning out the entire vision for the year 2017 in this one.

Our new mission president's name is Steven R. Fox. Dude is the head of the department of entrepreneur-ness and technology at BYU and worked at Microsoft in Seattle for like 18 years. He also served a mission in France back in the day. Sounds like a super cool guy. I'll get to know him for a matter of like 3-4 months maybe haha.

This week is going to be quite the grind. We've only got two investigators (whom we've taught all the lessons to) and we've got a sector in which everyone's been contacted. I want to try and make a new presentation of some sort for the visitors center, but it's looking like we've got a week of getting pooped on to look forward to. We'll see how this one goes.

my scripture of the week/moment (really good for me right now):

(translated from French because it's cooler in French)

"What good does it do a man to gain the entire world if he should destroy himself or lose himself?"
-Luke 9:25

it goes back to that whole thing about spritual healing I was talking about the other week. I'm exploring this topic even further. What I keep coming back to is the idea that whether you believe in God or not, there is such a thing as the human spirit, and it can be damaged. The human spirit needs purpose and joy. That's just how it is. That's why we need the gospel. For what purpose would we have if we didn't have it? And as Peter once said (and M. Russell Ballard talked about last conference), Where else would we go?

This church is true. There's just no other explanation.

Happy New Year again everyone! See you next week.

-Elder Harrah

still working on the videos though, will get that to you guys soon

-caroling in everybody's sectors
-the swag at the christmas party
-watched Finding Dory at the time


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