The Real Splitting of the Fellowship-- Week 73

This week was long and hard for everybody.

Our contacting didn't take us too far honestly. We went out and worked so much, but we like, couldn't even get spiritual thoughts across to anybody. Just placed like some brochures. That was honestly the whole week. Not a ton of lessons at all. The anti-addiction courses that these other missionaries in our zone are doing is actually really cool and is going super well for our investigators that are attending, so that's a highlight.

Conseil des Dirigeants was a high point as well! The zone challenge this month is actually to bring inactives back to church! Everybody was actually really glad to hear about it. That being said, my son and I hit the asphalt running to go do it and our biggest potentials kind of just straight told us no way, so that was pretty discouraging. We talked with our ward council though and they've already got a reactivation plan going, so hopefully we'll be able to go with them and make that happen.

One of the lamest parts of the week was definitely when Reese had to go to a clinic. He got the dengue a while back, and his immune system's been weak ever since (and he gets nauseous really easily), and his nose got infected and swollen, and we took him to the doctor and come to find out he had a staph infection that was working it's way to his brain and would render him handicapped if we didn't take care of it. "Outstanding". It was mostly just super lame not having him around. Got to go on a split with Bradshaw though.

The other lamest part was when the Zone Leaders had to turn in the car. I don't know why, but just with this giant transfer on the horizon apparently the mission needed the car elsewhere. You know, and not with the zone leaders... ... I dunno it was weird. But at any rate we did our groceries at a little store close to our house today and not our usual store. It's whatever.

Also there's a "massive" transfer on the horizon. The whole mission is going to change! they're this one zone where there's only one team of sisters, and then there's another zone where there's nothing but sisters, so we're moving around the entire mission for this new year. We'll be changing a lot of zone leaders too. I'm still not moving though. And nor will my son be moving either. It's really boring for us. That being said...

We ARE moving houses. We're leaving the gang and going to live with the Assistants to the President, which is exciting, but I'm really going to be missing our Fariipiti gang. Ah well. It was bound to happen eventually.

So that's what's going over here right now. Just still plugging along. I hope everyone's doing well!

Elder Harrah

-conseil des dirigeants
-got these local-style biker do-rags for christmas from a biker lady

-Elder Millerberg came back to visit Tahiti with his family! (back in the day (no seriously, like back in my training) he gave me those round sunglasses I have; super chill guy)


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