"Noye's Fludde, Op. 59" by Benjamin Britten--Week 75

I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen the sun since I've been here! It's been raining so much. It's the season for all of that though.

Work has been going pretty well. We've got three fixed baptisms and a huge sector! We've always got lots to do. We've had lots of driving adventures, and it's just given me some good chances to see the island, and that's been great.

Elder Jordan is half-Tahitian (his mom's from Takaroa), so he is literally cousins with like everybody! It's really funny. And he's a chill dude to be around. I'm finishing his formation right now, so he's still pretty new. This is like Week 7 for him I believe.

It's really nice being able to just focus on a sector and trying to pump myself up spiritually (I try to read my scriptures even more throughout the day), and not have to take care of anybody else again. I really like it. I still have the power to do baptismal interviews though (obviously our district leader can't interview his own investigators, and since I have the experience, I was trusted with that job), and that is certainly fulfilling.

This ward is a bit disorganized in terms of missionary work, so that was my big goal this last week was to try and meet the ward council on Sunday and whatnot, but we just had our ward council the other week. We were going to tell everybody about our coordination meeting and invite them all to that instead, but then church got cancelled! We woke up Sunday morning and the stake had said no church. Why you may ask?

I don't know if you guys heard, but Tahiti kind of got pooped on with rain. Serious flooding and damages everywhere. This member lady showed us the pictures on Facebook, and it was really bad. Saw a bit on the news as well. Really awful stuff.

Next to nothing happened to us though. Definitely grateful. I keep thinking, "Man, if I would've stayed just one week more..." I'm super blessed to be here, for multiple reasons.

Everything's going well over here, but I'm still praying for everybody over on the main island.

I hope everything's going well chez vous (over where you guys are)

-Elder Harrah

a cool quote I just heard from a Mormon Message:

"we don't need to worry about being perfect,
we need to be good at getting better!"

This is 110% true. Keep at it, peeps!



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