Leaving Tahiti- Week 19

Hello my friends!

Before the big news, the weekly update:

The missionary Christmas party was a good time. I got Legos, I saw (almost all) of my MTC friends, and just had a good time. President and Soeur Bize take good care of us. Love those guys.

The next day, on the 24th, Elder Darguence was sick, so Elder Smith and I went and did the radio! We talked about how both the Bible and the Book of Mormon talk about the appearence of a star at the birth of Christ, and how it's for us to follow Christ too. I said that "Wise men still seek him".

Then, on Christmas day, after Skyping and stuff, we had a baptism that went off without a hitch. Nailed it. And now my dear little sister Hanaley is baptized. Look how cute she is! And she seems so much older now.

But now, on to the big news...

... chers freres et soeurs, I am going to the Marquises.


There is a crapload of envy coming my way right now. There are only 5 people currently on their mission who have been to the Marquises. Everybody wants to trade places with me, including my companion. This is my next great adventure. I am now going to a land more rugged then here, to a more savage place of only 5 lessons a week, cannibals, and chicks that knock missionaries off their bikes to "get to know them".

I'm both excited and nervous, but I totes got hooked up with a blessing to calm me down, and I was told that I specifically was needed, me and my skills, in the Marquises at this exact time. I am so stoked and hope I can live up to the crazy challenges coming my way.

I've really gotta put my faith in the Lord going out there. It's gonna be hard. But I've really got no other choice. And it's okay because I want to testify that he's got my back, and I'm gonna be well taken care of.

(Plus, I think President Bize wants me to go nuts out there like we did here by turning the literal worst sector in the mission [zero baptisms in the previous year] into a sector where the Standard of Excellence was achieved)

with hope,
Tumu Hakako Harrah

P.S. - they speak Marquisian and no Tahitian out there #LanguageNumber4
P.P.S. - Tumu Hakako literally translates to "Master Who Teaches His Art For Free" (there was another one that was closer to Orometua [Tahitian for Elder/teacher], but that one meant like, for money/as a profession, so it was decided that Tumu Hakako was better)
P.P.P.S. - I can't tell you how stoked I am to get a tag that says that

-Christmas party (sorry they're blurry. People can't take pictures)
-Radio Days (#WoodyAllenJokes)
-what I got for Christmas (Millenium Falcon swag)
-it'll rain for a change
-Hanaley (dat flower crown though)
-the sun setting on my time here in Toahotu


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