Ward Christmas Party- Week 17

Ia ora na once again from Tahiti; the land where everyone tells me I'm way too small and need to eat more. Seriously, they use their pinky to describe me.

Sorry for the explitive last week. In my defense it was a quote from Elder Smith's uncle. (that actually really does nothing for my case)

Things are going really fantastically here. We actually achieved the Standard of Excellence this week. (For those that don't know, the Standard of Excellence is the set number of baptisms, investigators at church, lessons, etc that your sector should have, and is something that the president gives us to show us what to shoot for). This was especially encouraging because we have such a difficult sector and we basically did it with just us (Elder Paulsen and I) and the Lord. We were so very close on Saturday night, and I was praying fervently for us to have our 6 investigators at church and just one more baptism fixed by day's end. We got there, and we only saw 3 investigators, but then 2 more showed up, and then our old DMP brought in their 12 year old boy they just "adopted" and he totally counted!

After that, Elder Paulsen was like, "Dude, the Lord's not gonna half-answer your prayer," so we said another one, and then hustled our potentials like crazy. We've already done like a bajillion lessons with Ravatea, and she already received an answer that yes she needs to get baptized, she was just scared to fix a date, but with much boldness of speech via the Spirit, we got her date fixed; thus giving us the three baptisms we needed. It was truly and literally a miracle. We thanked the Lord like a million times over. It was truly spectacular.

Apart from that, not a whole ton of news here. The weather's been pretty crazy. Friday was record-high for Tahiti,  being 91 degrees, and then later that day we had the hugest bloody storm ever. Nature can't seem to make up it's mind, and when there's crazy hot and cold like that, I'm told it usually means a cyclone. We'll see I s'pose.

That's it for this week peeps. I hope this email finds you all well.

God be with you til we meet again.

-Elder Smith is finishing soon, and one of his pairs of pants was super old and worn out, so we decided to burn it. This picture looks like he's fire-juggling
-our ward Christmas party. Ahotua, the guy who planned Elisa's wedding, planned this as well. That dude's gonna be my 2nd AD when I'm a director I swear
-our district played capture the flag... but with coconuts #tahiti and these were the group pics we took

 -us at the Christmas party with Ravatea and her family (bad lighting for me. I be looking pretty shiny)


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