Merry Christmas- Week 18

Ia ora na tatou from Tahiti; the land where random people see you waiting on the side of the road and give you coconut water.

I hope everyone is doing well and with their families this Christmas.

This time of year is a great time to be a missionary because of all the miracles that happen, but kinda crappy too because everyone here is drunk.

Mostly I'm excited to take a bit of a break. Elder Paulsen and I have been working really hard these last two weeks, and are currently at an all-time high of lessons in a week. Also, our zone has gone from being next to last to second in terms of most successful. Our district has really been turning things around here!

In the spirit of all these lessons though, I'm excited to take a little break. This next week is really going to have like one real day of work. We've got a Christmas party with all the missionaries on the big island this Wednesday, and I'll finally be reunited with one or two of my man-crushes from the MTC. Hopefully that party will make for some cool pictures and make up for the lack of them this week.

Speaking of which: our district made a Christmas card with all of us in our pajamas on the beach, but I didn't get a copy of it this week. I'll have to send it next week. But, I do have this Christmas tree as a preview of us and our shenanigans.

Also, for those of you familiar with Aloha Scooby-Doo, you will lose it when you see this picture.

These pictures are a little lame, but they're fun. Not a lot of tourism this week. Lots of work.

Hoping everyone is well and with loved ones. And if not, remember, you're never alone. The Savior's got your back, and will totally be with you on Christmas. Remember the true gift; the good tidings of great joy which are truly for ALL people - it's never too late, everything can be fixed, peace and love can be achieved, the gift is always there. Don't wait anymore. Come unto Christ.

Until next time,
Elder Harrah

-it's all about those magnet tags
-"Get your wiki-tiki charms now!" this was in our second counselor in the stake presidency's car


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