My First Real Baptism- Week 16

Ia ora na encore from Tahiti!

This week was especially great because we finally baptized Kevin. After much fasting and prayer on our part, and lots of trials and temptations on his, he is now a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

This baptism was really special for me. It was technically my first real baptism. The other two that we had were kind of fixed before we got here, but this was my first investigator that we personally engaged, taught, and brought to the waters of baptism. It was truly a great experience. They say in the scriptures how great will you be your joy if you bring one soul unto God, and I will attest to that with great conviction! When he got baptized and received the Holy Ghost, I honestly felt the peace and comfort that I felt the day of my baptism. It was really great to be reminded of that in such a personal way, and of course to bring this dear friend of mine to that peace and comfort as well.

And with his baptism finished, we've still got two more currently fixed, with at least three or four more potentials. Work is really picking up in what was before a sector that had been closed twice due to lack of missionary work. It feels really great to be doing so much and helping so much, but I think the thing that's the greatest for me is the idea that I'm going to be leaving this sector better than I found it and better for the next guy. It feels good.

I'm still doing really good mentally and emotionally. Honestly my biggest trials right now are my constant quest for self-improvement and better becoming a disciple of Christ, not being around my loved ones for Christmas, and, perhaps what has become the most stinging and dull pain of them all, the fact that I'll be missing Star Wars VII. The news of a new trailer being out and my seeing the new poster on the cover of a magazine at the store has actually been really bloody depressing. Yes yes, I'm still a child. I know. But really, if those are my greatest hardships right now, then I am truly blessed.

Until next week,
"baptize the 'hell' out of them"

-we tracted into Middle-earth
-so I went surfing...


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